About S.I.A.I.S.

About S.I.A.I.S.

S.I.A.I.S. – Società Italiana dell’Architettura e dell’Ingegneria per la Sanità
S.I.A.I.S. – Italian Society for Healthcare Engineering and Architecture
Presentation and purpose of the Association

The Italian Society for Healthcare Engineering and Architecture (S.I.A.I.S.) founded in 2006, is a “non profit”, organization that intends to bring together engineers, architects and technical schools graduated, working at local regional and national level in public or private entities. S.I.A.I.S. has developed a strong collaboration with the National Health Service, the EU Institutions relevant for health policies, Member States and International institutions.

The main goals are:

  • To develop professional relationships among members to update and cultural exchange among the different fields;
  • To give out to members technical material and information about a best practice of professional activity with particular regard to the sanitary area;
  • To exploit technical functions and, especially, the engineers architects and technicians professionalism for a right management of the sanitary structures;
  • To promote researching and development of scientific knowledge in technical sectors of the Health Care;
  • To promote, develop and spread the culture and the technology for health care to engineers, architects and technicians;
  • To promote the development of new technical-professional figures;
  • To promote the study and the development of managerial models in order to support a valid management of Health Organizations;
  • To promote the cooperation among members to encourage forming and updating so that it’s guaranteed an high professional standards in fields such as: planning, realization, purchase, testing, maintenance, safety and management of sanitary structures and technologies;
  • To promote agreements with industries for technical and scientific updating for innovations in buildings, systems and technological area;
  • To promote cooperation relationships with scientific, technical, professional, public and private organizations, Italians or foreigners, that intend to pursue aims that are similar or complementary to those of the association or, otherwise, not in total disagreement with them;
  • To promote updating of professional legislation;
  • To organize local, national and international meetings, congresses, professional updating courses, study tours and all sort of manifestation to give out technical and scientific knowledge;
  • To spread the results of the studying and researching activities through articles, monographies, periodicals, magazines, books, mass media. The basic communication tools are:
  • the scientific journal “Hospital & Public Health” conducted in collaboration with the “SISBE – Italian Society for the Study of Biotechnology, Biomedical Technology and Construction of care,
  • the “quarterly newsletter” SIAIS-News for the information of the institutional bodies of the Association, the” Newsletter SIAIS,
  • the website” www.siais.it.

S.I.A.I.S. has obtained in 2009 the System Certification Quality Management UNI EN ISO 9001, (Certificate Cermet n. 8078 for the design and delivery of cultural events in technical-scientific nature for the update of professionals working in health and the realization of research projects and specialist advice).

S.I.A.I.S. counts several members coming from all regions and it’s aim for 2006 is to put together the majority of professionals in this field (engineers, architects and technicians) that work in the Italian National Health Organization.

S.I.A.I.S. is member A044 of “I.F.H.E. – International Federation Hospital Engineering” and member I.F.H.E.-EU.

S.I.A.I.S. is member EuHPN – European Health Property Network.

For more info, please contact Daniela Pedrini S.I.A.I.S. Chairman,

phone number  +393356234473
e-mail: info@siais.it; segreteria@siais.it; daniela.pedrini@aosp.bo.it