E-poster submission

E-poster submission
IFHE 2020

Please send your e-poster by e-mail to ifhe2020roma@thetriumph.com following these guidelines:

File format: .pdf
File orientation: PORTRAIT 16/9
Maximum dimensions: 20 MB

Please be aware that your file will be inserted in a software that adapts the dimensions according to the type of screen used. It is fundamental that you respect the file requirements listed above: the file has to be PORTRAIT mode 16:9 – vertical format.
Different formats will be still visualized and adapted to the screen, but will not be optimal for the users.
If your .pdf is not clearly readable on your laptop screen, it will be worse on a larger one.
I you can read it clearly on your laptop screen, it will be clear on the plasma as well.
The dimension of the file up to 20 MB is useful as it makes the file clearer for readers, but it is not a compulsory condition to make it work.
Larger files make fruition slower but still work; larger files will be visualized in a longer time slot.