Simona G.Agger

Simona G. Agger

Doctorate in Architecture at the University of Venice, then she taught for several years first at University in Venice and then in US Universities and lectured in several universities in Europe and in Canada. Has conducted studies about Venice socio-urban situation and problems for Unesco and for the Italian Research Ministry. Her major book “Urban self management – Planning for a new society” published by M.E. Sharpe in White Plains, NW – USA, published in Italian, then translated into English and Arabic. After the teaching experience in the US, back in Italy worked as consultant in the evaluation of development projects for the Regions of the South of Italy co-financed by the European Commission and the Italian Government.

Appointed from 2002 to 2014 as one of the expert for the Ministry of Health of the Evaluation of Health Investments Team for the evaluation of investments’ programs of the 20 Italian Regions  and of the major new  hospitals financed with National Government funds.

For the Ministry of Health she has participated to several European projects involving many EU Countries and also new members such as Bulgaria and Slovakia.

She has been project manager of “RES-Hospitals- towards zero carbon hospitals with Renewable Energy Systems”, which involves partners from height EU Countries .

Internal consultant and facilitator for the Italian partner University Hospital Sant’Orsola of Bologna in the EU financed project EcoQUIP

She has an extensive international working experience having worked as an Architect and Planner in Algeria, Gabon, Senegal. She is Member of the National Council of  SIAIS, the Italian Society of Architecture and Engineering for Health and as such represents SIAIS and is Italian member of the Board and then in January 2015 nominated chairman for 4 years  of European Health Property Network,  network created in October 2000 by members of Ministries of Health of seven EU nations, at the present time with the representation of 12 EU Member States, and other representatives of Regions and pan-European Associations..

2017-2018  she has made the project and directed for SIAI, in collaboration with the President Pedrini the research “Sustainable and Climate Change Resilient Healthcare Facilities in Europe: the Challenge” awarded in September 2019 a golden price at the First Health Summit held in London by the International Organisation Health Care Without Harm. Author of several article and Frequently requested to give presentation to Congresses, Seminars, Workshops in Italy and Europe.

Areas of expertise:

  • Strategic planning of regional health facilities
  • Evaluation of Public Investments in Healthcare infrastructures
  • Hospitals and energy
  • Health Urbanism
  • PPI – Public Procurement of Innovation for the Health sector.