IFHE 2020


Flexible and innovative, a brand new conference center. Here, the historical architectural value and innovative visions meet to create an unique location.
The work of renovation of the Auditorium della Tecnica was promoted at the end of 2015 and completed in the first part of 2016. It gave great value back to a prestigious space, turned into a contemporary facility and finally recognized as part of the modern architecture of the city. The spaces were completely rearranged thanks to the use of innovative and high quality materials; systems renovation; adaptation to standards; removal of architectural barriers; energy-saving; advanced audio and video devices; development of more flexible and versatile spaces in the whole building.
Thanks to the renovations, the Conference Centre is reborn with both a new aesthetic and a new atmosphere. It is today a modern facility, also thanks to the new features of Confindustria Palace, and it is able to compete with other structures on a national and international level, representing a landmark for the city of Rome.



Via dell’Astronomia 30 – Rome
Entrance to the Auditorium
Viale Umberto Tupini 65 – Rome